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Pastor's Resources

Pastor's Resources

Elim TV Movie of the Month

Each month we feature a movie of the month for you to share with your church. This may be a great movie with a powerful story, or a great piece of teaching. You can download the trailer on DropBox Here.

The Walk Promotional Resources

The Walk is a new series created by Elim Leadership College, designed for small groups and personal discipleship, allowing the viewers to attend Bible College for half an hour at a time. These are fantastic resources for your church's small groups and to encourage people to use individually. Please contact ELC for more information promoting about this series.

Elim TV Promotional Resources

Elim TV is a powerful national resource which makes our teaching from our national conferences, Elim Leadership College, and great family entertainment available to everyone around the country.

Please make use of the following resources to tell your people about this service.

  • One minute promo video for Elim TV. Please consider playing this in one of your services.
  • A PowerPoint Slide for your notices
  • An A4 flyer to include in your printed notices. (You can scale this down to add into your bulletin).

Download these files from DropBox Here

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